Pádraig Foran

A content creator who is compelled to tell stories, by whatever means best suited - photography, videography, audio or design.

A proud Irish man - born & raised in Co.Kerry on the West Coast of Ireland, a nation renowned for its storytelling from generation to generation. Enjoyment also comes from traveling around Europe, meeting people and exploring different cultures as much as possible.

Having an immense personal & professional interest & understanding of sport - Motorsport & Mixed Martial Arts in particular, the goal is always to show the beauty, grace, strength and enthusiasm of sports people at the highest level. Taking pride in his work and striving to be the ultimate professional in every way possible are of utmost importance to Pádraig, and thus he has all the grounded skills and potential to add value within any production environment.


- Ability to develop & implement structured workflow.
- Data Wrangling/Media Management.
- Video Camera Operation.
- Social Media Management/Analytics
- Ability to light on location.
- Ability to record sound on location.
- Interview setup & recording.
- Comfortable & experienced dealing with interviewees & clients.
- Ability to undertake a professional edit to a specific brief.
- Ability to colour grade & generate motion graphics.

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